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Virus removal, wireless networks and repairs

Our services range from repairs and troubleshooting to installation and data retrieval. Whatever your problem, give us a call to see how we can help.

Our prices are very competitive. Once we've discussed the work you need carrying out, we will give you an estimate as to how long we expect it will take us to complete it.

If we exceed this estimate, we will contact you before proceeding further. Our standard charge is 30 per half hour (minimum 1 hour charged 60). We do of course charge a fixed fee for many types of work, please see below for further details.

Estimated effort to carry out repairs

Upgrades / Repairs / Installation

Memory upgrade - 1/2 hour
Graphics card upgrade - 1/2 hour
Fitting an additional or replacement hard drive (internal) - 1 hour*
Fitting an additional or replacement hard drive (external) - 1/2 hour
Setting up a network - 1/2 hour - 1 hour
Setting up a wireless network and configuring wireless security - 1 hour
Installing and configuring a printer - 1/2 hour (Wireless printers - 1 hour)
Troubleshooting Windows crashes (blue screen) - 1-3 hours
Installing and configuring Anti Virus, Anti Spyware or Anti Adware - 1/2 hour each
Laptop Screen replacement - 1 hour
Install a new PC and patch to latest security levels - 1-2 hours
Transfer data from your old PC to the new PC (depends on how much data) 1-2 hours
Install programs like MS Office, Adobe Reader, Flash Player etc - 1/2 - 1 hour

Tuning / Security

Removal of old files - 1/2 hour - 1 hour
Clean up web activity - 1/2 hour
General tuning - 1 hour
Firewall and / or security software - 1 hour

Fixed fee work

Virus Removal - 80 (please note sometimes virus removal will leave your computer unstable, if this is the case we will need to wipe and reload your system, there is an additional cost for this)

Virus / Spyware / Adware - 5-10 hours. There is a standard charge of 75 for this service. The laptop or PC will be taken back to our workshop to carry out the fix.
We can also supply good anti-virus software.

Re-installing an Operating System - 130 (please note if you require a backup and restore of the data this is an additional 30 for up to 30GB of data, large amounts of data will cost more. We will give you an estimate for this work)

This usually takes 5-10 hours and we would normally take the PC away to complete this.

Backing up a users documents, emails, music etc. 50 (for up to 3 DVDs) or a complete PC if you are able to supply an external hard drive

The cost for transferring data to DVD is 50 for up to 3 DVDs (around 12GB of data).
Additional DVDs cost 15 each (around 4GB per DVD).
If you're able to supply an external hard drive, we can back your machine up for 50.

Should we need to visit you at your home, if you live within 8 miles of Hornchurch, there will be no additional fee. If we need to travel further than this to visit you, a fee or time may be applied.

Diagnosis Fee

A diagnosis fee of 30 is chargeable if we diagnose the problem but you decide not to go ahead with the fix (due to the repair cost or otherwise).

This fee will apply if you have taken your computer to us and will collect. Otherwise we retain the right to charge the full call out cost (50) if we have visited you.


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