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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We do get asked a lot of questions in our line of work. Sometimes we do hear the same question a few times so we have set up the knowledgebase of frequently asked questions.

To find out the answer to a question just click the question and the answer will appear.

  • Your prices appear to be slightly higher than other people advertising on the internet - why should I go with you?

  • I want to upgrade my PC with additional memory / a new graphics card / larger hard drive / DVD RW / Printer. What do I need?

  • I have bought a new computer - can you install it and transfer the data from my old PC?

  • I don't know anything about PCs - how can I tell you what the problem is?

  • Do you fix PCs at my home or take the PC away?

  • If you need to take away my PC or laptop - how long will it take before I get it back?

  • My PC has a blue screen. When I reboot Windows it does not work. What do I do?

  • Can I buy my own hardware for you to install?

  • Do you offer maintenance to keep things running smoothly?

  • I am worried about internet security and the chance that someone may get my bank / credit card details. What can I do to protect against this?

  • I have a wireless router - is this secure? Can anyone else use my internet or see my PC?

  • I already have broadband, I want to go wireless. Which router do I need?

  • My PC is running very slowly. I have anti virus software on here but it does not find anything. Do I have a virus?

  • I do not have a backup of my system how do I do it and will it take long?

  • I want to buy a PC or laptop, there are several offers in the shops. What do I need?

  • Do you repair printers / faxes?

  • I have an old PC I no longer want - how do I dispose of it?

  • Do you service / repair Mac PCs?

  • Common scams

  • Why does it take so long to get viruses off a computer?

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